Our Service

Dental Implants

- without surgical flaps
- Lazer treated implants
- using CAD/CAM surgical guide technology


- Treatment of jaw anomalies
- Treatment of dental crowding and spaces
- All types of orthodontic appliances

Polishing & Bleaching

- lazer bleaching
- Home bleaching kits
- One session lasts for years

HollyWood Smile

- No preparation needed
- can be fixed or removable
- For full arch in one visit

Laser Surgery

- Gingival bleaching and design
- treatment of tissue inflamations
- Treatment of TMJ disorders


- In one visit
- All Cosmetic fillings
- Root Canal treatment with lazer

Fixed Prothesis

- crowns
- veneers
- Lumineers

Preventive Dentistry

- Anti-bacterial fillings
- Early detection of orthodontic cases
- Follow up system

Pediatric Dentistry

- Cosmetic anti-bacterial fillings
- pedo cosmotic crowns
- space maintainer & appliances


Norther Lights

Because Michel is the missing tooth again At Dental Point Center we thought about you and made the offer that will make your broken teeth look better Implant the lost teeth on you and makeup on us

Norther Lights

We are in the dental point we made the offer Tarboush you and Tarboush to know if you worked nerve stuffing for your teeth remains necessary to ride Tarboush Because the year after filling is weak and will not bear the chewing and filling

Norther Lights

Because your smile needs to be special Dental Point Center offers the most powerful laser teeth whitening offer Bleaching session will be free cleaning and polishing session

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Meet our team
Dr. Amir Hamed
Dr. Amir Hamed
Senior Doctor
Dr. Randa Hosny
Dr. Randa Hosny
Senior Doctor

Our happy Clients

What our Clients say
The place is nice and the 
 tools are wrapped and sterile
 and Dr. excellent and deals
 with the situation quietly
 with less pain
The center is very beautiful and 
 Dr. Amir and employees peak respect

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Root Canal Treatment
or also can called endodontics by the latest techniques is treatment of highly decayed teeth to preserve it by remove the infected pulp and fine root cleaning and depridement to control the infection away from the neighbouring tissues and gingiva...
Cosmotic Dentistry
new way though it we can beautify teeth appearance together with maintain teeth in good statue and function in order to reach beautiful healthy smile full of hollywood smile and teeth whitening all of those procedures done in professional way to...
How To Discover Caries
syrptorms of dental caries are poin with sueats cold drinks so the more paen the more caries will be nowadays we are wsing materials that discover the dental caries before happaing and so we use a rstoratire materials that cover this plases on...



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